Remote Deposit Capture

  • Available to Evergreen Bank business customers
  • Deposit checks 24/7 remotely from your office
  • Use the bank-provided scanner to input any number of checks
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Lockbox Services

  • Send payments and other documents to the bank for collection
  • Items received are processed immediately
  • Streamlines your cash flow and saves you time
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Merchant Processing Solutions

  • Provide additional payment options for your customers
  • Accept major credit and debit cards for increased versatility
  • Increases customer satisfaction and your bottom line
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ACH Collections

  • Process your receivables with one solution
  • Use for one-time or recurring transactions
  • Highly secure and automatable
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Currency Vault Solutions

  • Secure transportation and safekeeping of cash
  • Reduces risk and increases accessibility
  • Available to pick up on site
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Sweep Services

  • Transfer excess or idle funds into interest-bearing accounts
  • Ensure your money is working for you automatically
  • Choose your target balance
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