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Shareholder Information

  • Who is Bancorp Financial, Inc.'s transfer agent and how can they be contacted?

    The transfer agent for Bancorp Financial, Inc.’s common stock is:
    American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC
    6201 15th Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11219
    Telephone: (800) 937-5449

    Please contact our transfer agent to:
    • Check share balances.
    • Change the name, address or ownership information of common stock..
    • Consolidate accounts.
    • Report lost or stolen certificates.
  • How can I contact Bancorp Financial, Inc. with questions I have regarding my Bancorp Financial, Inc. common stock?

    All inquiries regarding transfers of common stock should be addresses to our transfer agent at their above listed phone number. Other inquiries regarding Bancorp Financial, Inc. can be directed to:
    Michael Spaniak
    Corporate Secretary
    Bancorp Financial, Inc.
    1515 West 22nd Street, Suite 100W
    Oak Brook, Illinois 60523
    Telephone: 1-630-413-9580
  • How does someone buy or sell common stock of Bancorp Financial, Inc.?

    The common stock of Bancorp Financial, Inc. is not currently traded on any exchange. Should you wish to purchase or sell stock please contact Michael Spaniak at 630-413-9580 who may be able to place you in contact with a potential buyer or seller. Please note, as the company is not publicly traded, there may be no current market for your shares.
  • How can I obtain a copy of Bancorp Financial, Inc.’s annual report?

    To receive a copy of our annual report, please e-mail us at jillvoss@evergreenbankgroup.com.