Fee Schedule

Free ServiceFee
Balance Inquiry - internally assistedFree
Bank by MailFree
Check ImagingFree
Check(s) Received without Deposit SlipFree
Coin CountingFree
E or EE Bonds Re-registration or Conversion Free
History InquiryFree
Internet Banking & Online Bill PayFree
Notary ServiceFree
Rolled Coin (per roll)Free
Signature Guaranteed by BankFree
Temporary ChecksFree
Transfer between Accounts - internally assistedFree
Account Closing Fees$50.00
Standard Accounts Closed within 90 days$50.00
Promotional Accounts Closed within 180 days$150.00
Account Reconciliation$20 / half hour
ATM Deposit Adjustment$10.00
ATM I Check Card PIN-based POS Transactions$0.50
ATM I Check Card Replacement$15.00
Non-Proprietary ATM Transactions
Bank OwnedFree
Star SFFree
Cashier's Check$5.00
Checks Returned with Statement$10 / statement
Checks Deposited, Returned Unpaid$8.00
Collection - Incoming (deducted from remittance)$20.00
Collection- Outgoing (charged at time item is sent)$20.00
Collection Item Drawn on Foreign Bank
Under $500$35.00
Over $500$45.00
Copy of Cancelled Check$5.00
Dormant Account Fee
Checking Accounts Dormant for 12 months$5 / month
Savings Accounts Dormant for 18 months$5 / month
Foreign Currency Order$15.00 + fees
Foreign Dollar Checks Deposited$20.00
Hold Statements$2 / month
Legal Documents, Garnishments, Levies & Citations$150 / occurence
Municipal Bond Collection$50.00
Municipal Coupon Collection$15 / envelope
NSF Check or Electronic Debit - paid or returned$22.00
Overdraft - Continuous Daily Fee$5.00
Research / Reconcilement and Subpoenas$30 / hour
Returned Mail$2 / month
Special Statement Request$10.00
Stop Payment Request$25.00
Transfer by Wire - foreign outgoing$35.00
Transfer by Wire - domestic incoming$15.00
Transfer by Wire - domestic outgoing$30.00
Verification of Deposit Letter$15.00
Safe Deposit Boxes (Sizes)Fee
5X5 Box w/Auto-Pay$40.00
5X5 w/o Auto-Pay$60.00
3X10 w/ Auto-Pay$50.00
3X10 w/o Auto-Pay$70.00
5X10 w/ Auto-Pay$90.00
5X10 w/o Auto-Pay$110.00
10X10 w/ Auto-Pay$100.00
10X10 w/o Auto-Pay$150.00
Lost Key Replacement$25.00
Drilling Fee$100.00